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About "I Wanna Cast a Spell..." and About Me

About "I Wanna Cast a Spell..."

Many years ago, I decided I wanted a place to muse about World of Warcraft, RPGs, and other stuff without cluttering up other spaces. The free services available at the time seemed insufficient for what I wanted to do. So here we are.

The name "I Wanna Cast a Spell..." is a reference to a sketch, Dungeons and Dragons, done by a Milwaukee comedy troupe called Dead Alewives. I became familiar with the sketch through Dr. Demento's 30th Anniversary Collection.

About Me

On this site, I've decided to use the name Xiwo Xerase. This is the name I've been using on RPG forums and it's most likely the name I'll be recognized by. If you've met me elsewhere, you probably know me by other names.

My day job regularly eats up much of my time lately. I work in IT supporting small corners of the internet and the internet never closes for the night.

My recent hobbies include playing games (computer games, board games, and RPGs (or would if we could coordinate starting a campaign)) and painting BattleTech miniatures.