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To play Rokugan

Finally having laid hands on starter decks for the CCG, I've discovered I'm not a great player of the game. But I've only played two games.

Of the available decks we have, I get stuck with Lion whose strategy should be straight forward: Attack the enemy. The Lion deck will lose a straight honor race to the Crane. However, a couple of successful assaults on the Crane should give the Lion the edge.

The Mantis have a benefit on attacking due to the number of personalities who have the Naval keyword. Due to the low amount of honor of their personalities though (and the Mantis clan in general), it behooves them to stay on the offensive.

The Unicorn have a large amount of cavalry units which basically lets them choose how battles are fought (until cards for withdrawing/moving troops come into play). While they have more honor than the Mantis, they still can't participate in the honor race like the Lion can.

The Crane just have to stay alive until they win the honor race.

I'd like to see the decks for the Dragon, Phoenix, and Scorpion.

Edit: As is, I don't think this entry makes a whole lot of sense so let me see if I can explain.

Right now, we have four start decks: Lion, Crane, Mantis, and Unicorn. These were the only four that Dream Wizards had when I went by there on Wednesday, 07 November, during my business trip in Maryland.

We're currently looking for a local provider for the cards. Foundation's Edge and Games Galore are our next places to check. (Ironically, I forgot to check Foundation's Edge when I bought a bunch of L5R RPG stuff there a couple weeks ago.) Lost Goblin Games unfortunately doesn't carry any L5R cards and barely carries any L5R merchandise at all (although I did buy Art of the Duel there). If Fallen Orc Games is still in Cary, I'll have to check them as well but I have a bad feeling they've closed in the past few years.