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More books bought

I'm slowly rebuilding my brother's book collection. Black Friday's major purchase was at Foundation's Edge, the local comic and games store. (Okay. It's not as local as Lost Goblin Games but Foundation's Edge still seems a superior store to me.) Foundation's Edge still doesn't have L5R cards but I'm sure I could special order them.

(My next two places to check for cards are Hobby Masters which is just down the road by about four miles and Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games in Durham. Interestingly, Hobby Masters is listed on the Dojo Days page.)

The books acquired were:

  • Winter Court: Kyuden Asako
  • Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita
  • Winter Court: Kyuden Seppun
  • The Book of the Shadowlands
  • The Way of the Crane
  • The Way of the Lion
  • The Way of the Phoenix
  • The Way of the Shadowlands
  • The Way of the Unicorn

So my local collection is shaping up nicely...