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Status update #1

I've finally implemented the item tooltip XML parser to the point that I can parse and then reproduce the tooltip XML for all 22,557 items I have in my database.

The next thing to do is to do the same for the info XML blocks provided by the Armory.

Once I can do that, I should be able to determine exactly how to render an item. I'd like to say "And, then, from there, it'll be cake." but it won't be. I'm sure of it.

In short, I wonder if I've created a larger-than-necessary project. Fortunately, I've enjoyed playing with Ruby thus far. Playing with the Aptana Studio has been a little frustrating due to periodic slowness on my G4 iBook and a handful of implementation problems (like it choking on the creation of =begin ... =end comment blocks). It (and the poor performance of TBC) is really making me tempted to buy a new laptop which, while admittedly nice, would be an expensive toy I don't need.

On top of this, I agreed to work on some stuff for the new Avarice Alliance site. And I figure I need to work on the synIRC site too.

It's going to be a long next few months, I'm sure. And I need to figure out how to prioritize it properly.