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Site update

Despite what I said in the previous entry, I've opted not to pursue upgrading to Drupal 6. The main reason for not doing this is because the Project module for Drupal is not ready for use with 6 yet. I chose to use Project to manage WoW addon projects I've been working on. (More on those later.)

I replaced the warcraft_armory module with the warcraft_itemstats module. It accomplishes the same basic goal without having to import items from the Armory into Drupal. This tendency caused the database to grow to be over a gigabyte in size when dumped. Now, the database dump is a much more reasonable 66 megabytes.

This completes most of the infrastructure work I have been planning on doing. Now since Wrath of the Lich King has been released, I may have a lot to post about in the near future... or very little at all.