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This (now more than slighly misnamed) addon is intended to replicate functionality present in GuildEventManager2 that, for whatever reason, is not present in GuildEventManager3.

Most of the functionality implemented in GEM3_Slashfix has been implemented in version 3.20 of GuildEventManager 3. There will be no further work on this addon.


Unzip the zip file within your Interface/Addons directory. No further configuration is needed.


  • Creates a custom chat type for GEM chat.
  • Using the slash command changes the prompt in the chat edit box to the one for GEM.
  • Pressing enter (or whatever key you have bound) to open the chat edit box after using the slash command (or otherwise posting to GEM chat) will default to GEM chat.
  • Clicking on player names from GEM chat will use the default behavior of prompting you to send them a tell.
  • Displays messages transmitted directly to the channel as if the slash command had been used.
  • Ignores GEM2 noise to the channel, showing a notice that they have been ignored. No further notices will be shown until the user leaves and rejoins the channel.
  • Suppresses the AFK spam is 'Auto Clear AFK' is enabled.
  • Allows the use of tilde characters ('~') to other GEM3_Slashfix (1.0.2 or newer) users. Others will see a carat character ('^').
  • Allows moving GEM chat to chat frames other then the default.

Known issues:

  • Changing the slash command for a channel results in unpredictable behavior. If you were previously using GEM chat, it's still set to the old chat type and you see a blank prompt. Pressing enter with said blank prompt causes an error. Using the old slash command will reproduce the blank prompt. Using the new slash command, however, will result in the proper, expected behavior.

    If you change your slash command, it is safest to then log out and then either relog or reload your UI. (Changing your slash command or other channel info within GEM will show an error within GEM anyway. This is a result of a bug within GEM's UI.)

On showing GEM chat in another frame:

Right-click on the frame tab and go to 'Settings'. Under 'Global Channels', check the box for the channel. (To remove it from a frame, uncheck the box.)

Some GEM diagnostic information will still be displayed to the default frame. However, all chat, joins, etc. will be showed in the appropriate chat frame(s).

If you have the channel selected in no frames (as is the default with GEM3), it will be automatically added to the default chat frame.

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