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The Devil Come Back to Georgia

"The Devil Come Back to Georgia" is a Mage: the Ascension campaign being played on IRC.

The basic plot behind the campaign is: Years ago, an umbral lord was summoned to and it laid waste to the city. That being was sealed away after a massive cooperative movement between the Traditions and the Technocracy. However, the inner seal broke and was scattered across many worlds in the umbra. It is the task of the PCs to essentially go world-hopping to collect the shards of the seal so it can be repaired before the outer seal fails. (The remainder of the chantry is busy shoring up the outer seal and working on a new inner seal.)

The main characters are:

  • Alyssa
  • Brand
  • Jena Blake
  • Syllia

I am playing Jena.

The campaign is like the old TV series Sliders or the more recent anime/manga series Tsubasa. It also owes some homage to a previous like campaign called Twilight Rose.