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Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 for WoW is out apparently.

This means that I missed my goal of having Exalted with Honor Hold on Phaedra by the time 2.2 came out. I think this means I'll be missing the Subtlety cloak enchant for the time being. Slightly annoying.

More annoying is the nerf to Relentless Earthstorm Diamond. Assuming this change is deliberate, this means that Phaedra will have to fall back on one of the cheap +spell damage metagems. (The +14 spell damage one from the Bash'ir Landing event would be nice.) (The other alternative for a caster metagem is Mystical Skyfire Diamond but the gem requirements are nothing short of insane for a raiding mage.) Tonberry might be able to switch to Thundering Skyfire Diamond but I'm unsure what its performance will be with the melee haste readjustment. I suspect this is something that will bear watching on the forums.

Fortunately, I have everything in place to get Tonberry's cloak enchanted. With the melee haste nerf, Crystalweave Cape loses out to Cloak of the Inciter so I need to get her Cloak of the Inciter enchanted. She also needs to get her winnings from Karazhan enchanted so they can be used too. (There are very, very few primary piece upgrades that can be replaced without enchanting first these days. I'm still unsure if this is good or not.)

Downloading the patch should be fun. Loads of joy. And rumor has it that ItemRack is broken too.