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Bringing things back up to date

I've been bad about updating the site recently. Unfortunately, a lack of "important" insights and time has kept me from doing much. Perhaps I will get someone else to write.

Anyway, what I've been doing:

  • Raiding. A lot.

    Raiding five days per week does decrease the amount of time available. We did get Yogg-Saron down two weeks ago in the 10-man raids so at least that's something.

  • Working on Rawr.

    What started out as contributing patches for Rawr's DPSDK model has turned into a position as an official developer. My focus is still fixing small bugs in the DPSDK model.

With 3.2 coming soon, I hope to do more posts. However, my track record on this is somewhat poor so we'll see how that goes.

RED put to rest

It's official. Relentless Earthstorm Diamond wasn't really meant for casters after all and will not be "fixed" for casters. However, we might get an equivalent gem intended for casters. Not holding my breath.

Relentless Earthstorm Diamond bug

This is still ongoing. But at least there's a blue post about it.

The on-realm GMs seem to think that this change was intended but, well, they seem to be about as well-informed as the rest of us.

It is, however, beginning to seriously look like I need a new meta gem for Phaedra.

Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 for WoW is out apparently.

This means that I missed my goal of having Exalted with Honor Hold on Phaedra by the time 2.2 came out. I think this means I'll be missing the Subtlety cloak enchant for the time being. Slightly annoying.

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