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On meta gems

Rumor has it that Relentless Earthstorm Diamond is fixed for melee classes in 2.2.2. While this is a good thing for Tonberry, it looks like it will probably not be fixed to work for casters. (It is entirely possible that since it's a +Agi gem, it was never intended to work for casters and the loophole that allowed casters to use it was introduced solely to allow Arcane Shot to work with the gem.)

I've worked out how I can use Mystical Skyfire Diamond but it depends on a single drop from Gruul.

Currently, my gemmed raiding gear pieces are:

  • Collar of the Aldor gemmed with Relentless Earthstorm Diamond and Glowing Nightseye
  • Spellfire Robe gemmed with Shining Fire Opal and Glowing Nightseye
  • Bracers of Havok gemmed with Great Dawnstone
  • Spellfire Gloves gemmed with Potent Noble Topaz and Glowing Nightseye
  • Spellfire Belt gemmed with Veiled Noble Topaz and Solid Star of Elune
  • Trial-Fire Trousers gemmed with three Veiled Noble Topazes
  • Boots of Foretelling gemmed with two Veiled Noble Topazes

Between this and my other gear, I have a hit rating of 171.

I also have a Depleted Cloth Bracers waiting for me to turn it into Crystalweave Bracers. (Not like Apexis Shards are rare or anything.)

If Gruul drops Leggings of the Fallen Hero (and I win it), that will give me Legwraps of the Aldor for my leg slot. I could then make these changes:

  • Replace Bracers of Havok with Crystalweave Bracers. Gem with Runed Living Ruby.
  • In Spellfire Belt, replace Veiled Noble Topaz with Potent Noble Topaz. Optionally replace Solid Star of Elune with Glowing Nightseye.
  • Replace Trial-Fire Trousers with Legwraps of the Aldor
  • In Boots of Foretelling, replace the Veiled Noble Topazes with Glowing Nightseyes.

This will then give me more blue gems than yellow, satisying the requirements for Mystical Skyfire Diamond.

If you're wondering why I put the two Glowing Nightseyes in the boots, it's to ensure that the meta gem will function in my non-raiding gear. My non-raiding gear would replace the non-socketed Mantle of the Elven Kings with Pauldrons of the Aldor and Legwraps of the Aldor with Trial-Fire Trousers. If I gem Pauldrons of the Aldor with Radiant Chrysoprase (at least until I get Polished Chrysoprase) and Glowing Nightseye, that will still let me gem the Trial-Fire Trousers with three Potent Noble Topazs and keep the meta gem's conditions fulfilled.

Edit: By accident, I originally listed Vivid Chrysoprase in place of Polished Chrysoprase. For level 72 mobs, having a +spell hit gem is silly and I apologize for the mistake.