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One does not merely shadowstep into Mordor

I find myself stuck trying to figure out which alt I want to level up next.

The obvious one at the moment would be Astraea, my priest. She's currently 62. It wouldn't take much to get her to 70, in theory. Just a lot of PuGing and the like. If nothing else. I'd like to get her up to Honored with Honor Hold (say that five times fast) so she can make Elixirs of Major Agility. But do I really want to deal with getting a healer geared up?

The other real option I have is to level up a tank. I have one of each kind ready in the late 20's or early 30's. The only issue is that it'll require me to somehow discover the joy of tanking which is something that has eluded me thus far. (Of course, I'll get to pick up either the joy of blacksmithing or the joy of leatherworking too. So many joys to choose from...)

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