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The Joy of Fishing

No such thing, really. But it's really the only thing I can do in World of Warcraft during our RP sessions. Just park by Umbrafen Lake and fish, fish, fish until the Bright Baubles wear off of Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole. Apply another one, rinse, repeat. Since fishing skill ups depend on successful attempts, it's more efficient to just stand in one place rather than hunt down fishing pools.

I've been debating when to move on to Terokkar for fishing. With +95 fishing between the rod and the lure, I match the requisite skill to catch fish there already. On the other hand, since Golden Darter is the only fish unique to Terokkar (aside from the Furious Crawdads from the Highland Mixed Pools in the areas only reachable by flying mounts), there seems to be little reason to actually go to Terokkar. Maybe I'll just stay in Zangarmarsh until 350 or so and then head to Nagrand. Of course, as I type this, Phaedra's fishing is only 297... sorry, 298 now. It'll be a while.