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Time to redo my "spreadsheet"

A long time ago, I created a pseudo-spreadsheet for determining gear choices for Phaedra. In actuality, it was a PHP script executing some really nasty queries against a MySQL database. I called it "pain." (I tried making a version of it for Tonberry called "anguish" but didn't get very far.)

The issue now is that "pain" is out of date. It's not aware of spell haste and it made some questionable assumptions about gems and socketing equipment.

Ideally, I'd like to develop something like Aldriana's Rogue Gear Spreadsheet but for mages. However, I'm not very good with Excel or the like nor am I much good with UIs. I imagine one could probably do something like that using AJAX but I'm a little hard pressed to figure out how. (That and I'm not really familiar with AJAX either. Maybe there's good resources on how to fake a spreadsheet with AJAX out there.) A java applet might be an interesting approach too.

Either way, I need to come up with a new version of "pain" and soon. Otherwise I'm likely to discount new 2.3 gear choices and that'll be bad.