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2.3 has cometh

2.3 went live on Tuesday. The new daily quests are interesting... I'm sure that if I didn't have this cold, I could've levered it into getting a heroic run on Tuesday. Oh well.

The four new quests I've found are:

  1. The PvP quest for coin and 419 honor.
  2. The cooking quest
  3. The normal dungeon quest for an Ethereum Prison Key and coin.
  4. The heroic dungeon quest for two Badges of Justice and coin.

The PvP quest actually got me to go to a battleground on Tuesday! Luckily we won the first Arathi Basin game or I figure I'd've been pretty annoyed. But it was actually fun. PvP is fun when it's close. Sometimes.

Anyway, 2.3 means that there are new stuff to buy with badges. Having since lost my list of neat stuff they added, I need to redo the math. To help with that, I've updated the spreadsheets and stuck them at a single page here.