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Icy Veins

2.3.2 brought us mages a great new talent: Icy Veins. For 20 seconds, we get 20% haste on all spells.

I'm personally not sold on it. It doesn't feel like it does much difference but it obviously does. In an (unfortunately unsuccessful) attempt on Nalorakk on Saturday, it helped me pull 1134 DPS according to WWS. (This is the anonymized report. Phaedra shows up under the name "Horcrux.") (On the actual kill, I only pulled 994 DPS. I must find a way to increase that.)

Since I'm the primary Krosh tank for the Maulgar encounter, Phaedra's new spec is 4/46/11, trading 1% crit for Fire Blast and Scorch and one other point for +4% hit with arcane. Since my Krosh gear is optimized for +3% hit (since I don't know the required hit rating for other percentages), this keeps the number of arcane resists minimal. And a resisted Spellsteal is almost certain death.

(I should update the signature image accordingly. I'll do that sometime later today.)