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Phaedra, level 70 mage, <Emeritus> of Stormrage (US)
(end-of-TBC raid gear shown, not accurate for current gear)

Obligatory armory link
Quote: "I'm the kind of mage your class trainer warned you about."

Phaedra was my first character and is still considered my "main" character. Before the release of TBC, she was relegated to "alt" status in favor of my priest but I burned out on raid healing. She is named after my character in an Amber campaign from long ago who in turn was named based on the "character" Phaedra in the song Some Velvet Morning sung by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood.

Exalted with yet another faction...

Phaedra's Exalted with Ogri'la now. The Skyguard should follow in a couple days.

Now if the gold would materialize so either she or Tonberry could get an epic flying mount so either could work on the Netherwing quests...


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