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Tonberry, level 70 rogue, <Emeritus> of Stormrage (US)
(current raid gear shown)

Obligatory armory link
Quote: *doink* *giggle*

Tonberry started out as a side project to do when I was bored of endgame stuff. Since then, well, she's become endgame, complete with gear from Karazhan. I'm not a great rogue. I'd call myself passable at best.

Tonberry is named for the monster of the same name from the Final Fantasy names. She is a female gnome because that's the race/gender combination that the name seemed to best fit. Unlike her namesake, she's currently using swords because that's her best set of weapons.

What has it got in its pocketses?

One of the (cheap) joys of being a rogue is finding out what various NPCs in the game have in their pockets.

Exarch Maladaar, the head guy in the Auchenai Crypts, had A Steamy Romance Novel in his pockets. He's hanging around a bunch of necromancers and dead guys with a romance novel. Think about it.


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