Exalted with yet another faction...

Phaedra's Exalted with Ogri'la now. The Skyguard should follow in a couple days.

Now if the gold would materialize so either she or Tonberry could get an epic flying mount so either could work on the Netherwing quests...

On Playing Jena

Jena Blake is, hands down, one of the best actualized role-playing characters I have had in a long time. She's a strong character and fun to play as and write for. The biggest issue is that I am not nearly as outgoing as she is so she tends to act more cautiously or quietly than she ought to.

She is a reporter and blogger (aren't the two mostly the same?) and a mage in the Cult of Ecstasy. She is also a follower of sorts of Hunter Thompson, most famous for Fear and Loating in Las Vegas. (A book I am still trying to find.) Her voice and writing style reflect his to some degree.

Her blog, "Words of Blake," is where she writes things she notices or observes that she probably can't sell as news stories. (Yes, the name of the blog is a reference.) I write "entries" from time to time so you'll get to see those. I hope you enjoy them.

Relentless Earthstorm Diamond bug

This is still ongoing. But at least there's a blue post about it.

The on-realm GMs seem to think that this change was intended but, well, they seem to be about as well-informed as the rest of us.

It is, however, beginning to seriously look like I need a new meta gem for Phaedra.

Patch 2.2

Patch 2.2 for WoW is out apparently.

This means that I missed my goal of having Exalted with Honor Hold on Phaedra by the time 2.2 came out. I think this means I'll be missing the Subtlety cloak enchant for the time being. Slightly annoying.

Mage trinket rankings

This site has a ranking of trinkets for mages based on build: http://wiki.shadowpriest.com/index.php?title=SimulationCraft/Trinkets/Mage. Kinda makes me feel better about having spent the 1000 gold or so it cost me to assemble a Blessings Deck for Phaedra's Darmoon Card: Crusade trinket.

(Link found in post 2903 of the TBC Mage Theorycrafting thread on Elitist Jerks.)

Edit: Of course, then there's further discussion about these results later on in the thread. I suggest reading it.

The Devil Come Back to Georgia

"The Devil Come Back to Georgia" is a Mage: the Ascension campaign being played on IRC.

The basic plot behind the campaign is: Years ago, an umbral lord was summoned to and it laid waste to the city. That being was sealed away after a massive cooperative movement between the Traditions and the Technocracy. However, the inner seal broke and was scattered across many worlds in the umbra. It is the task of the PCs to essentially go world-hopping to collect the shards of the seal so it can be repaired before the outer seal fails. (The remainder of the chantry is busy shoring up the outer seal and working on a new inner seal.)

About "I Wanna Cast a Spell..." and About Me

About "I Wanna Cast a Spell..."

Many years ago, I decided I wanted a place to muse about World of Warcraft, RPGs, and other stuff without cluttering up other spaces. The free services available at the time seemed insufficient for what I wanted to do. So here we are.


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